About Us

Hi, I’m Dani. I love what I do, and I’m honored to be invited into your space. I started V Clean recently as a Vegan with a lot of Virgo energy! I am sensitive to chemicals and I want my home to be as safe for my pets as I expect it to be for me. The bleach products had to go, the waste had to go, but the clean had to stay; hello home-made, chemical-free all-purpose cleaner! Never fails me (or you)! I knew if these values were important to me, they must be important to others. I believe in compassionate living for all and I believe in leaving that energy behind in my work.

Dani West

Founder, Operator

Pet Mom, Traveler, Vegan, Activist, Ally

Email me: vcleanpdx@gmail.com

Sam Shaw

Team Member

Nature, fitness, health and her fur baby Blue Eyes

Charlie & Pablo


While Charlie and Pablo don’t supervise our house-calls, they keep an eye on the calendar and make sure everything is running smoothly.