We offer a full range of services, with sliding scale pricing to boot!

Pricing Break-Down

Base Price - $29hr

Simply put, the price is $27/hr *On average, it takes 2-4 hrs for standard homes between 500 sq.ft & 2,400 sq.ft

Sliding Scale Price - $27/hr

Sliding Scale??? Yup! You read that right. After two hours of base pay, we let YOU choose what to pay. Why? Because our work speaks for itself and everyone deserves a healthy, clean space.

Side Jobs - $27hr

Like…anything? Basically! We do it all and we’re efficient. We will match or beat your past cleaners timing every time! This way, we can wrap up and get out so you can enjoy your home.

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The best choice in PDX for your home cleaning services

Experienced & Reliable

Our experienced team is professional, on time and will handle your home with the utmost care.

Non-toxic and vegan

Our home-made products are all eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for your home and your family.

Competitive Pricing

Our sliding-scale pricing structure makes it easy on your wallet to get the job done

Tons of different Tasks

We can handle almost any job from organizing closets to all of your standard house-cleaning needs and beyond.

Which locations does V Clean PDX serve?

We currently provide at home cleaning services and side jobs in PDX and surrounding areas. Not sure if we serve your location in Portland? Fill out our form above and we’ll let you know right away if we can help!